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How to Build a Holz Hausen Wood Pile

The Holz Hausen stacking firewood method uses a circular design similar to the shape of a beehive. Understanding how to stack firewood in a circle method is critical to avoid stacking your firewood twice.

Estimated time: 60 to 90 mins

What you need:  

  • GoRound Wood Cover
  • The right location for your wood pile. IMPORTANT: It must have a well draining surface, like gravel, sand, asphalt, or even a wood pallet. It is important to avoid grass or soil because the water does not drain well and can cause mold.
  • Wood logs 


Place your base mesh on the ground, this makes a perfect circular perimeter for starting the stack. Make sure the 4 straps connected to the base mesh perimeter are laid down properly on the ground. This will allow you to connect your wood cover when you will be done stacking. 



Place your first wood logs on the base mesh perimeter and complete the circle.



Place the other logs perpendicular to the first row. Make sure the log is tilted inward to the center of the circle. Keep stacking your pile to the desired height.



While stacking your wood, ensure placing a shim to keep your pile stable and vertical to avoid your pile tipping outward.



As you continue staking your wood, you can also throw all kind of shapes such as knots and chunks (crooked pieces) in the center of the pile. When you get to the desired height, start to make the center of the pile higher to give it a slight slope.


You will soon have a structure similar to this one:


Add the GoRound wood cover on top and adjust all 4 straps / tie down accordingly.



Good job, you're done stacking your wood!

To take your daily firewood, simply unclip two straps to remove a portion of your cover, take the required wood, and then easily readjust the straps to the new height.