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Firewood Log Carrier Bag, Firewood Storage Totes with Handle for Fireplace or Camping


Planning on a camping trip or sitting in front of a fire pit? Consider our wood storage bag. 

Our custom wood storage bag is made of good-quality fabrics with sturdy strap handles that ensure endurance and durability while keeping your wood, matches, fire starters, newspaper safely stored and dry. 

Our custom wood storage bags are easy to retrieve and move. They can be moved to any place with ease, making them an excellent tool for long-term use, especially keeping your house clean and organized.

  • Hassle-free wood storage bag lightweight & collapsible.
  • Wood storage bag capacity fits up to 2 standard bundles. 
  • Perfect for wood log size between 12 to 16 inches
  • Available in standard dimension: 16'' W x 12''D x 12'' H
  • Comes with extra side pockets.
  • Sturdy top & side handles